Biomechanic Man is song from Lordi's first album - Get Heavy. This song is about Mr. Lordi, because one of his stage names is The Biomechanic Man.

Biomechanic man lyrics Edit

Biomechanic man! WOW!

Wow! You need some lovin' o' monstermaniac

Style and fashion

And I'm device of horny steel

You need to believe in dirty lovin'

o' lusty passion

You need to spin in torture wheel

I say "Yeah!"

Now who could put it there?

Now who could really care?

I hear the call, yeah

I can - Biomechanic man

Uh-yeah, biomechanic man


You need to be on a roll and make a show of money

You need to get healer here

You gotta know what it's bad

It's gonna be funny

You gotta get in a cyber-feel

I say "Yeah!"

Need to know when and where

Now who could make you fear?

I hear the call, yeah

I am Biomechanic man

Ooooh-yeah, biomechanic man


Biomechanic, biomechanic... man

I'm all man and all machine

A little sicko, little mean

I'll rock your brains out

And you're sure to be damned

I'll lick your little finger

Then I chew up your hand

For that's who I am: The Biomechanic man!


Now who could make you fear?

I hear the call, yeah

I am Biomechanic, biomechanic man!

I am Biomechanic man!

Biomechanic man!

Biomechanic man!

(Aw-aw, aw-aw, aw-aw)

Biomechanic man!

Biomechanic man!

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