13561298Babez For Breakfast
Beast Loose in ParadiseBend Over And Pray The LordBiomechanic Man
Bite It Like A BulldogBlood Red SandmanBring It On (The Raging Hounds Return)
Bringing Back The Balls To RockBringing Back The Balls To StockholmDark Floors
DeadacheDeadache (Single)Devil Is A Loser
Don't Let My Mother KnowDynamite ToniteErna "Enary" Siikavirta
Famous FiveFire in the HoleForsaken Fashion Dolls
Get HeavyHard Rock HallelujahHe's Back (The Man behind the Mask)
HellaHellbender TurbulenceIcon of Dominance
It Snows in HellJussi "Amen" SydänmaaKalmageddon
Last Kiss GoodbyeLeena "Awa" PeisaList of Lordi's songs
LordiLordi's RocktaurantLordi 1: Alkuperä
Lordi 2: VerenjanoLordi 3: VerensininenLordi Cola
Lordi SquareLordi WikiMagistra Noctre
ManaMarket Square MassacreMidnight Mover
Monster MagazineMonster MonsterMy Heaven Is Your Hell
Napalm MarketNiko "Kalma" HurmeNot the Nicest Guy
OtusPet the DestroyerPyromite
Rock the Hell Outa YouSCG3 Special ReportSamer "Ox" el Nahhal
Sami "G-Stealer" KeinänenSami "Magnum" WolkingSampsa "Kita" Astala
Scarctic Circle GatheringShotgun DivorceThe Arockalypse
The Chainsaw BuffetThe Children of the NightThe Deadlite Girls Gone Wild
The Devil Hides Behind Her SmileThe Kids Who Wanna Play WIth The DeadThe Kin
The Monster ShowThe Monsterican DreamTheatrical Trailer
They Only Come Out At NightThis Is Heavy MetalTo Beast Or Not To Beast
To Hell With The PopTomi "Mr. Lordi" PutaansuuWake the Snake
Who's Your DaddyWho's Your Daddy?Who's Your Monster?
Would You Love A MonstermanZombilation
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