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Inside the Rocktaurant. On the left is Kita's original costume.

Lordi's Rocktaurant is a Lordi-themed restaurant in Rovaniemi, Finland, opened on 15 December 2006. The restaurant includes many stage scenery pieces designed and manufactured by Tomi Putaansuu, as well as pieces donated by other bands.

The restaurant's menu mainly consists of fast food, such as pizza and kebab dishes. The restaurant also sells T-shirts, post cards and stickers.

The opening ceremony of the restaurant was attended by Mr. Lordi, Santa Claus and the mayor of Rovaniemi. If the restaurant in Rovaniemi proves to be a success, a chain of Lordi restaurants is planned in Finland. The first floor of the restaurant (Monster Disco Hell) is more designed for adults, serving strong alcoholic beverages, while the second floor is designed for families.

The restaurant is located on Koskikatu, near the Lordi Square. Lordi's Rocktaurant will expand to the Rinnekulma shopping centre in 2008.

The company is broadening its chain. It is planning to open restaurants in Saint Petersburg and Novgorod in Russia.