Market Square Massacre
Market Square Massacre is the first DVD by the heavy metal band Lordi. The live concert was an open-air and free concert, and over 90,000 Finns showed up to celebrate Lordi's and Finland's victory in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest.


Live At The Helsinki Market Square:

  1. Bringing Back The Balls To Rock
  2. Devil Is A Loser
  3. Blood Red Sandman
  4. It Snows in Hell
  5. Would You Love A Monsterman?
  6. Hard Rock Hallelujah

Eurovision Specials:

  1. Hard Rock Hallelujah (live at the Eurovision quafilications)
  2. Bringing Back The Balls To Rock (live at the Eurovision quafilications)
  3. Hard Rock Hallelujah (live after winning the Finnish Eurovision)

Hello Athens Documentaries (a Finnish documentary about the band's stay in Athens.)

The Kin Movie:

  1. The Kin Movie
  2. Gallery
  3. Storyboard
  4. Making of

Music Videos:

  1. Would You Love A Monsterman? (2006)
  2. Who's Your Daddy?
  3. Hard Rock Hallelujah
  4. Blood Red Sandman
  5. Devil Is A Loser
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