429px-Lordi Monster Magazine cover
Monster Magazine is a Lordi comic book published in 2002. There were only 500 copies of the magazine made, and it was only available to the people who had bought a copy of Lordi's first single "Would You Love a Monsterman?". Nowadays Monster Magazine is a rarity and is highly sought after amongst Lordi collectors.

Fake Advertisements Edit

The comic includes fake adverts for Lordi products which include:

  • Kita's Blood Drops

Cherry flavoured mints

A television programme, featuring "the gruesome stories of the ultimate monstermen, Fridays at 8pm on MBC"

  • Lordi Trading Cards (second series) - They'll catch you all!!!

Rokemon classics trading cards, a Pokémon spoof.

  • Wrestling World Entertainment and Lordi Company inc. present Enary - Raise the bets, she'll raise hell!

A wrestling event featuring Enary. The advertisement also includes a picture of Enary in an old/different costume.

  • Magnumizer Of Mayhem - Bring on the new world order!

A first-person shooter PC game.

There is however one real advertisement for the Would You Love A Monsterman? single.

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