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OX, the Giant Powerhouse On Hoofs!

Samer El Nahhal (born July 11, 1975 in Espoo, Finland) was the bassist of the Finnish metal quintet Lordi. He goes by the stage name of OX (both letters capitalized,) a possible reference to John Entwistle, the bassist for The Who, who was also nicknamed "The Ox."[1] OX plays an Ibanez BTB Bass. His father is Egyptian and his mother is Finnish. He made his Lordi debut as OX the hellbull in 2005, replacing the former bassist, Kalma.

Character Background[]

OX is a half-man, half-bull creature known as a bulltaur, a creature rare even in Ancient Greece. In 1000BC, OX was the loyal servant of the magus Androlus on a small island located in the Greek Archipelago. The time-traveler Kalmaged stole the 10th book of Octavus, a book belonging to Androlus and which contained the magus' dark spells. Kalmaged then impelled the men from the nearby islands to kill both Androlus and OX.

Soon, however, Kalmaged awoke the slain OX, taking the undead creature as his own servant. In his fortress in the dark realm between dimensions, Kalmaged formed the Kalmagedian Brotherhood, an Order of undead soldiers from throughout space and time. OX is the first and the oldest member of the Order.

OX eventually discovered that Kalmaged was responsible for the death of Androlus, and he wasted no time in slaughtering his new master. When Mr. Lordi arrived in search of Kalmaged the Timetraveller, he formed an alliance with the Brotherhood. Kalma, another member of the Brotherhood, left with Mr. Lordi, while OX stayed behind as ruler of the Brotherhood. Years later, Kalma returned to take over leadership of the Brotherhood, and OX took his place in Lordi.

OX is also known as "The Hellbull," "The Hornhead," "The Hornskull," "The Bulltaurus," "The Smashsquatch," "The Giant Powerhouse on Hoofs," and "Operation 10."


  • Lordi: Would You Love a Monsterman? 2006 version (2006) (bass)
  • Lordi: Beast Loose In Paradise (2008) (bass)
  • Lordi: Bite It Like a Bulldog (2008) (bass)
  • Lordi: Deadache (2008) (bass)
  • Lordi: Babez For Breakfast (2010) (bass)