In 2004, Lordi co-wrote and starred in their own short film called "The Kin" which was released on a special edition of "The Monsterican Dream" (CD/DVD or DualDisc versions) as a way of expanding the band's image and theatricality. It was co-written and directed by Lauri Haukkamaa and Adam Vandor also had a hand in the script. It introduces the audience to members of the band and establishes the concept of superhuman monsters though at no time is any of the band's music played.

The plot of the film is hard to follow at best due to the disjointed manner in which it proceeds; the story is of a young female writer who loses her mother in a trainwreck while she is trying to get her book on non-human creatures published. After a series of problems arise, the monsters (the band) begin to kill people as well as bend time and space to ensure the publication of the book.

The film shares a lot of Lovecraftian concepts as well as style and pays homage to several B movies and horror films throughout its duration (as well as cameos from their music videos. It also shares the style of demons and doom). Only a limited number of DVDs were published and therefore the film's availability has been low. The Kin has also been released on the "Market Square Massacre DVD".

Cast Edit

  • Amanda Thurman - Anna Henderson
  • Delia De Giovanni - Julie Henderson
  • Bruce Mars Land - Jonathan
  • Sirkka Poetry Castle - Anna's mother
  • Matti Ruuhonen - Birger Westling
  • Enter Kaarna - girl
  • Nick Love - Marty
  • Tracy Lipp - Janitor
  • Mark Philips - News reader
  • Lordi: Themselves

Crew Edit

  • Script: Lauri Haukkamaa
  • Description: Jean-Noel Mustonen
  • Surgery: Pauliina Punkki
  • Sound: Sebastian Lindholm
  • Producer: Leila Lyytikäinen
  • Production: Kino Production / BMG
  • Distribution Company: Kino Production / BMG

Publications Edit

The Kin is accompanied by the DVD releases:

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